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Arthur John Wilson

Location: London
Price: From £140

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  • Specialism: Actors, Corporate, Presenters.
  • Member of Professional Body:
  • -
  • Lighting: Natural light in Studio.
  • Number of photos taken in session: 400+.
  • Cost extra printed photos: n/a.
  • Cost extra digital photos: £20.
  • Contact sheet turnaround: 3-5 days.
  • Contact sheet type: Website.
  • Contact sheet photo quantity: 100+.
  • Touched digital photos included: 3.
  • Prints included: n/a.
  • Delivery: Email.
  • Student Discount: Yes
  • Final turnaround: 1-3 days.


Arthur John Wilson, Drayton Road, London, N17 6HJ


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About Photographer

I'm a working actor as well as a professional photographer. I've had my own headshot taken many times, and I know what separates a great shot from a forgettable one.

I know what it's like to not enjoy having your photo taken, but it's my job as the photographer to shoulder that burden. Pass your headshot anxiety onto me, I can handle it! I capture striking, dynamic, and effective shots of people who don't typically like looking at photos of themselves.

My sessions are relaxed, unrushed, and enjoyable (genuinely!). We work together to get results we can both be proud of. The aim is to get shots that communicate not just what you look like, but who you are. We all want headshots that make us look great, but in the context of our industry, looking great is about being authentic. A shot that genuinely communicates to the viewer who you are, will always be beautiful!

It's important that you find a photographer whose style suits your aims. Getting new headshots is a collaborative, creative endeavour, and you want to be sure that you and your photographer are on the same page.

My style is clear and natural. You, the subject, are the main event. I avoid using eye-catching, busy backgrounds. Keeping it clean and simple means the focus will always be on you. I shoot indoors, utilising natural light.

Before our session: We communicate over email with regards to what it is you're looking for from our session. I'm available to answer any of your questions. A couple of days prior to the shoot, I'll send you all the info you need, so you know what to bring along with you and what to expect.

During our session: We'll have a chat over a cup of tea/coffee/beverage of your choice (no judgement if that's a midday glass of wine...). We can review any of your previous headshots, as well as go through the outfits you've brought with you. There's never any rush. You can have as many tea/coffee/cigarette breaks as you wish.

After our session: I work through all the shots taken, and whittle them down to a select bunch of around 100. I firmly believe that looking at 400+ photos of yourself adds uneccessary stress, makes you go a bit mad, and doesn't help in your quest to find the best ones. My job is to hand-pick the strongest shots, armed with the knowledge I have of what makes a great headshot, as well as the conversations we've had around what it is you're looking for. Within 5 days of our session, you'll receive a link to an online web gallery where you can view your shots and mark your favourites. You'll be able to share this gallery with your agent and anyone else whose opinion you value. Once you've informed me of your final selection, I'll send the fully edited, high-resolution versions within 48hrs.

Please visit my website, where you can see more of my work as well as read answers to some FAQs.

I genuinely love doing this job. Being a headshot photographer is an extension of my work as an actor. I take real joy in meeting new people and getting to know them. It's collaborative, creative, and immensely satisfying. It's also very rewarding, because I know that you and your agent, will be armed with shots that actually make a difference.

Session & Package Details

  • STANDARD: £ 220


    £170 for students

    Time with photographer: 2-3 hours


    Sessions usually last around 2 hours, but there's no time limit. We don't wrap up until I'm certain we've got shots you'll be very happy with.

    Sessions take place indoors, utilising natural light.

    Your personal web gallery will be online 3-5 days after the shoot. If my schedule allows, I offer a fast-track service for an additional £50. If you opt for this, your web gallery will be available within 24hrs of our session.

    Once you decide on your final 3, you'll receive high-resolution, fully edited versions within 48hrs.

    All returning clients receive 25% discount 

  • TOP-UP: £ 140

    Time with photographer: 1 hour


    Top-up sessions are designed for people who just want an extra 1 or 2 shots to add to their existing portfolio. Perhaps you'd like some shots before getting your hair cut, or before shaving off that beard you've worked so hard to grow.

    These sessions typically last around 1 hour

    Included in the price are a choice of 2 final images


    Time with photographer: 3-4 hours


    This package is for 2 students who wish to share a session.

    You split the £220 session fee, and you each get a choice of 2 final images

    These sessions tyically last 3-4 hours


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