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Brandon Bishop Photography

Location: London
Price: From £300

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  • Specialism: Actors.
  • Member of Professional Body:
  • -
  • Lighting: Natural light.
  • Number of photos taken in session: -.
  • Cost extra printed photos: n/a.
  • Cost extra digital photos: £24.
  • Contact sheet turnaround: On day.
  • Contact sheet type: Email.
  • Contact sheet photo quantity: +300.
  • Touched digital photos included: 2.
  • Prints included: n/a.
  • Delivery: Email.
  • Student Discount: Yes
  • Final turnaround: 1-3 days.


Brandon Bishop Photography, 65/67 Ridley Road, London, E8 2NP


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About Photographer

I love my job, it’s about taking pictures of people that don’t like having their pictures done. Working with different people, trying to give them a set of pictures which gives them some different but honest opinions of themselves. Them on a good day!

Pretty much most actors, hate having their pictures done, they’re ok at playing characters on screen or stage but don’t like having to be themselves in front of stills camera. My job is all about making them feel comfortable and having a laugh.

I’ve now been taking pictures of people for around 28 years so hopefully the experience of working with lots of different people/faces over this time has helped. So it’s about having fun in a relaxed and un-rushed session and most people, I think, end- up enjoying themselves.

Session & Package Details

  • Standard rate: £ 300

    Time with photographer: 1-2 hours


    2 hours session

    Includes two retouched images

    Delivery turnaround for retouch work: 3 working days

    Student rate: £240  (incl. 2 retouched images)


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