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Abby Warren Photography

Location: York
Price: From £180

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  • Specialism: Actors, Children.
  • Member of Professional Body:
  • -
  • Lighting: Natural light.
  • Number of photos taken in session: 400.
  • Cost extra printed photos: n/a.
  • Cost extra digital photos: £25.
  • Contact sheet turnaround: 1-3 days.
  • Contact sheet type: Website.
  • Contact sheet photo quantity: 30.
  • Touched digital photos included: 5.
  • Prints included: n/a.
  • Delivery: Email.
  • Student Discount: Yes
  • Final turnaround: 5-7 days.


Abby Warren Photography, 69 ouse lea, York, YO30 6SA


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About Photographer

York Headshot Photographer

Feeling uncomfortable and the pressure of needing to relax for your headshot is completely normal and you’d be surprised how many performers hate having their pictures taken and that includes me, but you don’t have to do a thing. One of my main jobs is to make sure you feel relaxed and create a safe space for you.

I use natural light where possible and weather permitting. The session is not rushed and we will spend time getting to know each other.

After the session I will whittle down the photos for you and supply a contact sheet with 30 images. Its hard to stare at 300 photos of yourself so I found that selecting the final 30 for you really helps.

I find that showing people photos during the session makes them become more aware of themselves and not in a positive way... we all have ideas about what we think our best side is, but its my job to capture all sides

You will choose 5 for me to edit that you will receive in both colour and B&W (high resolution).

What makes me different from other photographers is that I was a proffesional actress (Abby Ford) for 25 years so I understand both sides of the camera.

If you do wish to have more of the photos it is £25 per photo.

If you have any question get in touch and we can have a chat

Session & Package Details

  • Professional Package: £ 180


    Students £150

    Time with photographer: 1-2 hours


    On booking you will be asked to provide a £25 non-refundable booking fee in case of cancellation.

    for full session details please visit the website 


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