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Jagoda Puczko Photography

Location: London
Price: From £120

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  • Specialism: Actors, Corporate, Dancers, Models, Singers.
  • Member of Professional Body:
  • -
  • Lighting: Natural light.
  • Number of photos taken in session: 400-700.
  • Cost extra printed photos: n/a.
  • Cost extra digital photos: £15.
  • Contact sheet turnaround: On day.
  • Contact sheet type: Website.
  • Contact sheet photo quantity: 400-600.
  • Touched digital photos included: 5.
  • Prints included: n/a.
  • Delivery: Website.
  • Final turnaround: 5-7 days.


Jagoda Puczko Photography, 33 Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 7TL

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My name is Jagoda (if you're wondering, just swap the J for a Y:). Thank you for taking a look at my profile. Let me tell you a little bit about my background and the way I work. 

Having worked as an actress and now as a filmmaker, I have been on both sides of the camera. I know how it feels to have your headshots taken, how nerve-wracking it can be. Having done castings myself, I know what makes a photo stand out and what attracts the attention of producers / directors. This gives me invaluable knowledge of how to create the kind of images that help you get more roles. 

When you book a session with me, I will guide you throughout the whole process and will send you a preparation pack that contains lots of useful information and tips on how to prepare for the session and how to choose your final images. 

During our time together, I will ask you about your goals as an actor, and will take into consideration your casting type. This will ensure you get a great variety of images that will not limit your acting choices. 

If you require a portfolio shoot that has to suit your specific needs, my goal throughout our time together will be achieving the content you require by creating stunning visuals. I believe challenging the status quo is where the magic begins, and am always looking out for new, fresh ways of telling your story. 

Session & Package Details

  • Headshots: £ 120

    Time with photographer: 1-2 hours


    What will a session with me offer you? 

    First of all, a stress-free, fun and relaxed experience. If this is your first time getting headshots done, I will guide you from the beginning - how to prepare for the session, what to expect during our time together, and how to choose the images after the shoot. I shoot outside using natural light, as I believe it's the most flattering. 

    I will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, so you in turn feel empowered and confident, which will allow us to capture the natural you. I will ask you what roles you usually get cast in, as well as what roles you'd like to play. Have a think about your acting goals, and feel free to tell me what images you'd like us to get during the session. 

    In a nutshell, here's what you'll get: 

    - up to 5 professionally edited images

    - a variety of different looks 

    - advice on how to prepare for the shoot

    - up to 2 hrs shooting time 

    - all shots done outside for best lighting and interesting background 

    - direction throughout the shoot - I will also be showing you the images as we go along, to make sure you are happy with what we are getting 

    - all images uploaded as contact sheet for your browsing within 48 hrs 

    - personal advice on which images work best 

    - post - production - editing including removal of facial marks / scars, overall colour correction of the final images (exposure, contrast, saturation) 

    - editing done within 5 to 7 business days. 


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