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LinkedIn Photography – Why You Need a LinkedIn Photographer

Do you have a great profile picture on your LinkedIn profile?  No?  You have no picture at all?  Well, you’re definitely missing a trick.  Let me explain.

By design, people make very quick decisions about those they meet or who’s pictures they see.  It goes back to the old flight or fight response.  You want to quickly know whether that person you’re looking at is a threat.  You can’t help it, that’s just the way we are.  It’s a survival thing.

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“Surely not having a picture is a good thing then?” I hear you say.  Sadly not. People prefer to work with people they know and trust and the way they make that decision is by seeing you.  Time to fill that empty profile picture spot I think!

In fact, it is well worth you doing so as LinkedIn themselves say that having a profile picture makes your profile likely to receive 21 times more views and nine times more connections.  One of those could be that job you’ve always wanted.

Now, before you rush off and grab that picture of you in your swimming trunks on the beach in the Maldives, cocktail in hand – just pause for a second.  You don’t want just any old picture.  You want an outstanding picture and it starts with the size.

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How to Improve Your Profile

Profile pictures are small, particularly if viewed on a mobile phone so you need to choose a picture that is fit for purpose.  You want to show you, so you need a headshot.  That’s a head and shoulders portrait.  Yes, you could take that holiday snap and zoom in, but the quality will not do you justice.  Your mum may not even recognise you!  Instead, choose one where your head and shoulders are big in the picture.  That way when your picture is viewed on a small screen you will still be recognisable.

LinkedIn is not business to business, it’s business person to business person.  So your profile picture needs to appeal to the sort of people you want to work with.  Want to work in the financial sector?  Perhaps the cocktail holding Maldives shot is not going to be the right one.  Pick a picture that shows you dressed in a style that appeals to the people you want to work with.

Only three more things to consider.  Don’t be overshadowed by the background, no palm trees growing out of your head.  A plain background works best on a small profile image.  Speaking of been overshadowed, make sure your face is well lit and in particular your eyes are clear and bright.  Eyes are the gateway to the soul.  The Egyptians knew it which is why they invented mascara.

Finally, make sure you’ve got a knock out expression.  No, not an expression that makes you look like you’ve been knocked out, but one that captures people’s attention instantly.  One that makes you look trustworthy, approachable and confident.  Research shows that first impressions are made within two seconds of being seen.  Make sure your picture is scroll stopping so that as people pause to look at it, they quickly make the decision – “Yes.  You’re the one for me”. That usually means investing in professional photography.

Richard Barron

Richard Barron

Richard is a professional headshot photographer that specialises in business headshots. He runs RKAB Works Photography in Scotland, supplying headshots photographers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, West Lothian and Fife.

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